Here’s what we can do for you kind Sir.

  • Haircut

    30 minutes | $45

    Haircut ranging from short to medium length using clippers through the back and sides and scissors on top.

  • Back and Sides Only

    20 minutes | $35

    Short hair on the sides and back with little to no taper and much more length on top

  • Zero Fade

    30 minutes | $50

    Similar to standard men’s cut, but using a zero or double zero at the shortest part of the fade.

  • Skin Fade

    45 minutes | $60

    Starting from bald/skin and fading upwards, to longer clippers and scissors through the top.

  • Clipper Cut

    15 minutes | $25

    Using clippers only, resulting in the same, or similar length all over.

  • Scissor Cut

    45 minutes | $55

    Using scissors only, to achieve a longer style, no clippers used.

  • Restyle

    45 minutes | $60

    Changing the shape, layers, texture or style of the hair

  • Mullet

    45 minutes | $55

    Shorter at the front, top and sides, but is longer at the back.

  • Under 10's and Over 65's

    20 minutes | $35

    Kiddies and over 65 gentleman’s haircut, ranging from clippers only to clippers and scissors.

  • Short to Medium Beard Trim

    15 minutes | $15

    Using clippers only, 10 minutes for one length all over, 15 for varying lengths and shaping.

  • Long Length Beard Trim

    20 minutes | $30

    Using clippers only, 20 minutes for varying lengths and shaping.

  • Hot Towel Shave

    30 minutes | $45

    Full hot towel treatment, including skin cleansing product application, shaving oil. Use of a cut throat razor, cold towel afterwards.

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